Noble Bell - Contract Software Developer

Hi, I am Noble Bell!

I'm a contract software developer that creates custom Web applications, mobile, and desktop software to help businesses solve problems and achieve goals.

In today’s fast-paced world of technology and need-it-now answers, simplicity is the key to being successful.

Being a small business owner myself I can work with my clients one-on-one and help them meet their goals usually on-time and under budget.

I can help you with...

Custom website or web application development. I can help you using some of today's leading web technologies like Bootstrap, PHP, MySql, and WordPress.

Custom Android mobile application development. I can develop a custom application using the latest Android Developer Studio, Java, Kotlin, and SQLite.

Custom desktop application development. No problem. I use Microsoft .Net technologies such as C#, VB.Net, WinForms, .Net Core, WPF, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Custom data integration solutions. I can create custom solutions to import/export to and from SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, and PayPal.

Microsoft Office assistance. I can do that. VBScript, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Word. Custom Macros, templates, and scripts.

If you have a project that you would like me to help with please email me at for a free estimate.